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Amber Organic Tan Studio is fully dedicated to the art and science of a safe and 100% organic tan as well as healthy and well-maintained skin. Our motto is take care of your skin now— it will pay you back later!

Using a 100% organic tanning formula and FDA-approved ingredients, we promote the best alternative to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from tanning beds or overexposure to the sun. If you’ve been thinking that you can’t have skin that is both young and tan, think again! Our clients can enjoy a healthy, year-round skin glow without worrying about harmful UV rays, chemicals, premature aging or skin cancer.

Getting your perfect air-brushed tan isn’t only healthy, it’s simple! Our professionally trained and certified technicians will guide you through the skin consultation process in order to choose the perfect color for your skin type, skin tone and expectations. Once your color is chosen, a technician will gently and precisely apply the solution using our state-of-the- art airbrush system and customize the color fully to your needs. We make sure that that your airbrush tanning experience is enjoyable and will help you look and feel great!